No known features for CXX compiler "GNU" version 12.3.1 (arm-none-eabi)


We are cross-compiling C++20 for an ARM AArch32 bare-metal target (arm-none-eabi). This usually works fine. However, when we try to include the fmt library (GitHub - fmtlib/fmt: A modern formatting library version 10.2.1), with

find_package(fmt CONFIG REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(${TARGET_NAME} PUBLIC fmt::fmt)

we get the following error message:
[cmake] No known features for CXX compiler
[cmake] “GNU”
[cmake] version 12.3.1.
[cmake] CMake Generate step failed. Build files cannot be regenerated correctly.

We use the compiler arm-gnu-toolchain-12.3.rel1-x86_64-arm-none-eabi with the following toolchain file: mcux-sdk/tools/cmake_toolchain_files/armgcc.cmake at a6bf851f65020c437704e53d2d9587ae21789d65 · nxp-mcuxpresso/mcux-sdk · GitHub

I tried with the latest CMake 3.29.2, but that did not help.

Any ideas on how to fix this?