Ninja Multi-Config No Work To Do On --Build --Config Change

Sorry I am brand new to cmake and ninja was trying to figure out how to switch my project from release and debug. I build using a multi-config ninja generator like this

cmake -S ./ -B ./build -G "Ninja Multi-Config" 
cmake --build ./build --config Debug

rerunning the commands with --config Release gives me the message of ninja: no work to do. so how do I change configs as my asserts still fire? also what would be the correct macro to use for checking if my project is in debug mode in my code?

NDEBUG is the typical way, but you can also add target_compile_definitions(${tgt} PRIVATE BUILD_CONFIG=$<CONFIG>).

As for the core problem, more context is needed. Can you trim down the project to a minimal test case that exhibits the problem and share that?

Cc: @kyle.edwards

Hello thanks for the advice. NDEBUG did the trick for the macro. Also when making the smaller project to test and give here, everything worked as expected so I went to debug my project. Looking at the output of my build script I found an terminal line buried saying I needed to delete my cache to swap Multi-Conifg generator. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help.