Newest CMake not available from for Ubuntu 18.04


I use the deb packages distributed via to get the latest CMake versions in Ubuntu LTS (18.04, 20.04 and 22.04). For Ubuntu 2x0.4, the latest is available, but not for 18.04 which only has up to 3.25.2. Is this an issue with my configuration or has support for Ubuntu 18.04 been dropped? Even though 18.04 has reached EOL (unless you have paid support), it’d be great to get the latest version of CMake for a while longer directly from Kitware.


The 18.04 builds haven’t been working since earlier this year. I haven’t investigated it because at that point, 18.04 was going EOL within a few months anyway. We don’t support EOL distros - I will update the website to reflect this.

Thank you.

I see the website has been updated. Will the existing 18.04 packages still be available for a while? We have a bunch of machines running 18.04 and being able to install directly via apt is very convenient.

The existing packages will remain available indefinitely (we actually still have packages from 16.04 up there too), but it will no longer be documented, and we will no longer be uploading new ones.

Most often it is quite simpler to use pip:

pip install cmake ninja

Maybe you have to expend your path …