[Newbie] Help setting up my first CMakeLists.txt

I am setting up my first CMakeLists.txt and I can’t figure out the following:

  1. How can I make CMakeLists.txt read only from the files included inside the (eg.) src/ folder, where src/ is a folder inside the same directory CMakeLists.txt is?
  2. Can I include an entire folder in add_library(), which only contains .hpp files?
  3. Should I add ${PROJECT_NAME} in add_library(<name>) or something else?
  4. How can I determine the minimum CMake and C++ version for my project?

Thanks in advance!

Dit you read the CMake introduction or tutorials?

There are good books about cmake, i.e. Professional CMake: A Practical Guide - 18th Edition

Do you know GitHub - friendlyanon/cmake-init: The missing CMake project initializer

An example for an complex header only library is asio MR#3