Multiple library instances in superbuild structure.

Good day, dear community!

I’m working on a project with superbuild structure. I have several executable targets which depend on same static library. This library is a framework (or some kind of engine), that hides all platform specific specific stuff and implements basic application’s loop. Also it has some compile definitions that may change logic or even the whole workflow. Then while building MyApp1, MyApp2 and MyApp3 I need three independent framework’s libraries.
Is there a known patterns or solution for such kind of things? If someone knows the projects that have similar structure?

At this moment I am thinking of implementing some logic through find_package().
So every application (MyApp1 MyApp2 MyApp3) must call find_package(MyFramework COMPONENTS a b c) which will produce three targets MyFrameworkForMyApp1, MyFrameworkForMyApp2 and MyFrameworkForMyApp3.
I can’t reorganize the project structure because of legacy. Also reorganization may brake current build system. Also I want to preserve the possibility of switching back to existing scripts.

Any hints and suggestions are highly appreciated!
Best regards,