Modules have different types of libraries in different configurations.

I have a vs project that was generated using cmake, now I have a requirement that some modules have different types of libraries under different configs. For example, we have 4 types of config:Debug,Release,DebugEditor,ReleaseEditor.Some modules need to be static libraries under Debug,Release and dynamic libraries under DebugEditor,ReleaseEditor.
I found this setup in CMake:
add_library(module_name SHARED “”)
set_target_properties(module_name PROPERTIES VS_CONFIGURATION_TYPE $<IF:$<OR:$CONFIG:Debug,$CONFIG:Release,StaticLibrary, DynamicLibrary>)
After using this function, it can fulfill my requirement, but I found a bug, the suffix name of the static library generated under Debug and Release is module.dll, I tried some methods to change this suffix name to module.lib, but all of them failed.
Does anyone know how to do it?

CMake does not support per-config target types. A target is always a single type (shared, static, executable, etc.).