1. I have Microsoft Azure IoT SKDs project, compiled with VS2017.
  2. I run command-line cmake -G “Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles” to generate makefiles tree
  3. The generated makefile fails to resolve MACRO_UTILS_INC_FOLDER and UMOCK_C_INC_FOLDER
  4. These two lines in CMakeLists.txt have not been put in makefile, hence the failure:
  5. I run command-line make makefile, but get failures for Macro Utils and Umock C
  6. In file in deps/azure-macro-utils-c folder we see CMake Intergration comment as follows: "The project will export a global variable MACRO_UTILS_INC_FOLDER that points to the folder needed to be included so that "include “azure_acro_utitls/macro_utiils.h” resolves properly.
  7. Can somebody please decode this statement for me, and answer these questions: Where is this global variable, How is it included in the readme file that builds from command line, and Why was this not done by the Generate command from cmake?
    Thank you.