macOS framework questions

When building a framework on macOS using CMake do one should provide pkg config files (*.pc) and CMake config files (*Config.cmake) for the framework?

The project can be built in multiple ways on macOS, either as static lib, as dylib or as framework.
Is there some common wisdom on how downstream projects should formulate their find_package/find_library calls to support all those build types
A find_package command would work for dynamic and static libraries when *Config.cmake files or special find modules are provided but what is needed to find a framework?
Is that simply a


The project provides its documentation as HTML, man pages and QHelp files.
Where would those files be placed? Under the framework directory or rather in the dedicated doc and man system directories of macOS?
I’ve seen both approaches but am not sure what’s the more common way.

Thanks for any enlightening answers.