Linking JOB_POOL

I’ve noticed that CMAKE_JOB_POOL_LINK specifies the pool for static libraries archive step, this step is not always considered as linking, if this is intended, is there a way to specify the job pool for linking executables & shared libraries only without static libraries archiving ?

You can unset the JOB_POOL_LINK property on STATIC libraries to remove them from the pool. The CMAKE_JOB_POOL_LINK variable just initializes this property.

Unsetting the property could be inconvenient for a project with large set of static libraries.
Moreover, it may involve some logic to test if BUILD_SHARED_LIBS is set or not, which may convert the static library to shared library.

BUILD_SHARED_LIBS only affects the initial add_library call without an explicit request. Once declared, the TYPE property is reliable.