Keep CPack INSTALL() from generating excess %config directives in RPM Spec file

I’ve got a CPack scenario where a combination of INSTALL(DIRECTORY ), INSTALL(PROGRAMS ), and INSTALL(FILES ) are being used to set up creation of a binary RPM. At one point set(CPACK_RPM_USER_FILELIST …) is used to explicitly (and correctly) establish certain files as %config files.

The problem is that a number of non-configuration directories are incorrectly appearing in the GENERATED spec prefixed with %config.

%config “/opt/a/path/that/should/not/be/config”

Upon comparing the generated spec file template ( to the problematic spec FILE I see that every offending file/directory is coming from the list '@CPACK_RPM_ABSOLUTE_INSTALL_FILES@‘

Overriding this list prior to Spec file generation would fix my problem but set(CPACK_RPM_ABSOLUTE_INSTALL_FILES_LIST “”) doesn’t help. What I really need to do is correctly avoid the problem rather than bandaid the symptom. set(CPACK_RPM_EXCLUDE_FROM_AUTO_FILELIST_ADDITION “/opt/a/path/that/should/not/be/config”) seems to have no effect.

Any suggestions?

Using Make 3.20.0 rc4