Is `CMAKE_ARGS` ignored if `CONFIGURE_COMMANDS` is used?

Long story short, I’d like to use both CONFIGURE_COMMAND and CMAKE_ARGS in an ExternalProject_Add. When I move -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=${DEPS_INSTALL_DIR} from CONFIGURE_COMMAND to CMAKE_ARGS my build stops working and it seems the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX isn’t passed to the project. However, I don’t encounter this problem if I don’t use any CONFIGURE_COMMAND. Is this behavior intended?

It’s not written explicitly in the documentation but can be deduced, since CONFIGURE_COMMAND is for non-CMake dependencies:

For non-CMake external projects, the CONFIGURE_COMMAND option must be used to override the default configure command (generator expressions are supported). For projects that require no configure step, specify this option with an empty string as the command to execute.