iOS support

Hello, I’m trying to understand what the state of iOS support is.

I have a project which I can build for linux (cmake … && make) and macOS trivially (cmake -GXcode … && run xcode on generated files). However, when I try following the instructions here: I can configure it, but when I run the “–build” step (or open the project in xcode and try to build it), I get the error:
“target specifies product type ‘’, but there’s no such product ype for the ‘iphoneos’ platform.”
(full log dump here: )

Is this expected to work? I also see that when I google for"ios cmake", there is the “leetal ios-cmake” project on github (sorry, I’m only allowed two links as this is my first post) which seems to rank highly. Is this something I should be using, or is it not needed any more?

My project is C, and links with SDL2. I believe I’m using the “superbuild” pattern (i.e. I have two CMakeList.txt files where the top level one downloads and builds SDL2 and the other one builds my project), but I’m very much new to cmake so it is very possible I’m doing it wrong.

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