Intel Profiler integration with Visual Studio under CMake Ninja build

While natively creating a Visual Studio Solution .sln file and opening a project via this, Intel profilers nicely integrate with the project/IDE. That is, if I have built a release version, clicking on the icon for Intel Inspector opens up a window where the target is the release built .exe file and then with a couple of button clicks, I can start figuring out the hotspots, etc.

On trying out the same under CMake ninja build, Intel profilers complain that there is currently no Visual Studio Solution loaded. Please open/create a solution to associate it with Intel Inspector.

Please see animated gif here

Is there a way Intel profiler can be made to work with CMake in Visual Studio? Should I be using a Visual Studio solution generator and then open the .sln files from there for this workflow?


If a full solution is needed, you may need to use the Visual Studio generator. I don’t know whether it is better for Intel to support VS loading CMake projects, VS to emulate a solution file for loaded CMake projects, or for Intel to support non-VS CMake projects. I’d ask on an Intel forum about any potential support from their side. A Microsoft feature request might be useful too, but that sounds like a large change.