i try to type findw3m.cmake for the last snort


the code i have type here below :

# - Find w3m
# this module looks for w3m
# w3m:
# *_FOUND - if false, don't attempt to use above command

# to build:
# html (single or chunked) - w3m needed
# text - w3m needed
# pdf - w3m needed

    "install W3M to build the html user manual"

find_program (w3m)


what is false ?

what can i do ?

i am in type this code from the asciidoc file you can find crazy type,

thank you in advance to help myself type a good file cmake,


Dorian ROSSE.

This looks…odd. It’s not a good find module, that’s for sure.

It’s not clear what your problem is here? Are you asking about the w3m_FOUND variable?


The problem happen since snort was bad understand it script findasciidoc.cmake thus I have try with all my little knowledge in cmake to create this script,

You speak about w3m_found how I can use this way if that works for my problem?

Have you some insight or way to follow finally for create a good script findw3m.cmake?

Thanks you in advance for your answer,


Dorian Rosse.

What is here seems…serviceable, but without knowing what is wrong with it as-is, it’s hard to say how much the improvements I see would have any impact on whatever problem is actually at hand. How are you using what variables this find module sets? How do you expect it to work?


I do what I can but the script is bad type thus I have type this e-mail to the list cmake…

The script find package handle standard argument I have called the variable w3m only by uppercase as this ‘W3M’ maybe I need respect how I have called and type outside this script only by the type lowercase ‘w3m’?

Do you think this is a good insight?

Have you another insight?

Have you a way to follow?

Thanks you in advance for your answer,


Dorian Rosse.

Yes. Use the case you called it with (it expects to be called as w3m though).