How to pass CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES to ExternalProject_Add

I am trying to compile a fat binary with ExternalProject_Add. In order to do so, I need to pass x86_64;arm64 in the CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES variable to ExternalProject_Add. However, my attempts at it do not work:

include( ExternalProject )


#  URL ""  # not compatible with Linux-3.3
  URL ""

I would assume this has to do with the semi-colon inside CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES, which needs escaping so that it makes its way into the invocation of ExternalProject_Add, instead of being used to separate its arguments. So I’d write it like this:

# ... as before, but:
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ExternalProject_Add has a mechanism for passing semicolons through. You can do:

set(semicolon_smuggle "-+-")
string(REPLACE ";" "${semicolon_smuggle}" cmake_osx_archs_epa "${CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES}")
ExternalProject_Add(LIST_SEPARATOR "${semicolon_smuggle}" …)

Based on the idea of @ben.boeckel but requiring less tweaking:


Oh, that is indeed better. I’ll note that in the ExternalProject-using project, the command is extracted and written to a CMake script so that we can also apply environment settings to it, so the smuggling is still required there.