How to limit find_package(Python3 <version> ...) to select from a directory of multiple python subdirectories

I have a Directory:
ffs-MacBook-Pro python % pwd
ffs-MacBook-Pro python % ls
python-2.7 python-3.6.1 python-3.8 python27 python37
python-3.5 python-3.7 python-3.8.0 python-3.8.2 python35 python38
python-3.6 python-3.7.0 python-3.7.3 python-3.8.3 python36 src
ffs-MacBook-Pro python %

What is the recommended way of using find_package to select python 3.7.3. Note that this list of python versions gets updated reasonably often by IT. Also must work similarly across windows/mac/linux.

It depends on what you want to search for.

If you want 3.7.3, use find_package(Python3 3.7.3 EXACT).

If you want version 3.7, regardless of the third digit, you can specify find_package(Python3 3.7 EXACT). In this case, the version 3.7.x, with the greatest value for x, will be founded.

And if you want to search specifically in a directory, set variable Python3_ROOT:

set(Python3_ROOT /ourbuilds/python)
find_package(Python3 3.7 EXACT)