How to fix build warning D9025 (Overriding /GR with /GR-)

My project needs to disable RTTI however I’m getting this build warning.
This is all I’m doing.

target_compile_optons(foo_target PRIVATE /GR-)

It looks like CMake passes /GR by default for MSVC. You’ll have to remove it from CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS.

Won’t that effect projects called by add_subdirectory relying on RTTI @ben.boeckel?

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CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS applies to all targets; you’ll have to add it back for RTTI-using targets if you want to remove it for any of them. Fixing this would need RTTI to become a target property like the MSVC stdlib selection did recently.

“you’ll have to add it back for RRTI-using targets”

How do you mean? I’m confused about the execution.

Also making RTTI a target property sounds like a good idea.

Once it is out of the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS, you’ll have to add either /GR or /GR- to every target (I don’t know what the default behavior is; you may be able to elide that flag setting).

In case anyone is curious this is what I ended up doing to get rid of this warning:

In ended up doing this string replacement in my top level CMakeLists.txt

As Ben said I was able to elide that flag setting.

I would still prefer RTTI to be a property, but this will do for now.