How to define a script path. in vs

Hi, I’m installing a new board into my 3d printer, to accomplish this I have to copy the firm ware from the site in to VS, make a couple of alterations and then debug.
it was going ok until I hit debug and then I had to load a INI program.
I loaded cmake and now it’s coming up with the error define script path.
I’m running latest update of Linux mint.
Any help would be appreciated as I am now stuck.

Thanks Andy

Sorry, there’s not enough detail here. I assume you mean VS Code as Visual Studio itself is still not present on Linux. Do you have a literal error message to share?

Hi, thats all the information I had.
I’ve solved the problem by uninstalling vs, reinstalling the latest version of python3.7. Reinstalling vs and then getting vs to find the python file. This seams to have corrected the issue.
Thanks for your help.