How do I pull full paths out of UNRESOLVED_DEPENDENCIES_VAR

Very first post, please remove if silly.

I’ve got something like this in my setup :


My goal is to be able to install the dependencies on any dev machine.
UNRES only contains a list of API files (msvc toolset) as it doesn’t know where they are, just that the target needs them.

I’ve attempted to couple this with find_path() but it’ll return the local path where it’s expected to be in the target, not the actual path to that dll.

They’re unresolved because it is unknown where they live. Otherwise they’d be in RES in your example :slight_smile: .

As for the ms-api- and other similar DLLs, these are “fake” DLLs and are a technique Microsoft is using to make ABI compatibility more granular (instead of a single massive MSVCRT DLL). See the discussion here for more details on it and a potential mechanism CMake can provide to help users out with these specific DLLs.

Cc: @kyle.edwards

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Oh, of course, that would make sense… :sweat_smile:
Following the discussion helped a lot, thank you Ben!