How do I force an EXE import to always use RELEASE?

We’ve done library export/imports for awhile and they’re great! We follow the documentation from the Importing and Exporting Guide and it all works beautifully.

We are now delving into executable exports/imports.

It seems to be working fine. We compile R, and D versions of the exe and the relocatable cmake files are being generated for this fine.

The problem we have is we only want to use the Release files when using the tools. While we deploy both Release and Debug to the deploy location so Devs can access the Debug version if needed, we only want to use the Release version.

However, when we are building a debug version of the tool, we are using the Debug version of the exe.

I’ve achieved what I wanted by deleting the foo-debug.cmake file from the relocation package. But that feels hacky to me.

Can you teach me or refer me to documentation for the correct CMake way to always use the Release version of an exported/imported tool even when working on a Debug image?

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