How can I use cmake with Taskig compiler?


I try to create a cmake project to build my static library with the TASKING compiler.
I set the compier path but when I run the cmake generator, I have the following error, Compiling the C

compiler identification source file "CMakeCCompilerId.c" failed.
Compiler: C:/Tools/TASKING/TriCore v6.3r1/ctc/bin/cc.exe 
Build flags: 
Id flags: -c;-I__does_not_exist__ 
  The output was:
  no such file or directory

I think, cmake tryies to compile the C file with options from gcc Compiler.
Any idea?
I also have seen. that there is a variable CMAKE_TASKING_TOOLSET, but the docu is not so good, I tried the following


but nothing changed.

Kind regards,

I guess you have a “space” problem. Please try a compiler path without a space to confirm.
Spaces in paths makes everything more complicated in build tools.