Help with migrating a large project from MSVC on Windows to Linux using CMake

I am trying to migrate a somewhat large project consisting of 35 libs and services, and a few external dependent libs (e.g. boost) from Windows platform to Linux. I think I can handle the actual code migration - getting things compilable. I am having difficulty setting up the build environment though. I have been using MSVC for years, but that knowledge does not transfer at all. :wink:

I would like help getting maybe the first couple of libs and services to build successfully, and then I think I could take it from there. I need help creating proper cmake environment that can build debug/release versions, shared libs, execs, links the correct libs, etc. Basically everything from stem to stern.

This is a nontrivial task to say the least, so I am willing to pay for that service.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kevin,

Kitware provides services like this. If you are interested, you can send me a direct email to