Help Getting Started

I am new to this platform and I am very confused on how to get started. I am no computer scientist. I have a MacBook Pro for reference.

This is what is confusing me- when I open my cmake app, I see a window that has the following:

"Where is the source code:
Where to build the binaries:
Search : Add Entry … etc

Configure, Generate, Open Project, Current Generator: Unix Make Files"

What do I put Under source code, Present, and where to build binaries? When I put that Information in will it bring me to a terminal like window that I can work from?

Also, was downloading the macOS 10.13 or later version (Binary) incorrect on my end?

Sorry for the dumb questions, I tried YouTube and reading the website but I am not seeing the information I need. I have no guidance from anyone as I am learning this on my own to teach to my professor.

Thank you!


Here are some introductory resources: