Help / Feature Request: TARGET_BUNDLE_DIR_NAME

I’m struggling to find a solution to my problem. It seems like it should be a pretty basic use case of generator expressions, but I can’t find the feature, or any workaround.

I’d like to have a generator expression which evaluates to the a target bundle directory name. $<TARGET_BUNDLE_DIR:tgt> will evaluate to the full path to the bundle dir, but I’d just like the name of this directory.

I feel like I’m missing a $<TARGET_BUNDLE_DIR_NAME:tgt> generator expression. Does anyone know if such a feature exists, or if there is a workaround I could use?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe I could use $<TARGET_FILE_NAME:tgt>/…/… but this seems brittle and messy…

It seems like a gap. I would recommend filing a feature request.

:+1: I’ve put in a feature request:
Feel free to upvote it :slightly_smiling_face: