Grouping hierarchy in debian packages

I’d like to build 2 debian packages: A Runtime package which has some files and a Develop package. Which has ALL the files from the Runtime package as well as some additional files.

Is this possible?

With CPack i’d expect the following:

cpack_add_component(Runtime GROUP RuntimeGroup)

cpack_add_component_group(DevelopGroup PARENT RuntimeGroup)
cpack_add_component(Develop GROUP DevelopGroup)

This results in 2 debian packages. However the DevelopGroup package only contains the stuff from the Develop component. The PARENT argument seems to be ignored completely.

Anybody know if it is possible?

PARENT relationships only specify structure, not content. If you need the Develop package to contain the contents of Runtime (a very unconventional and not recommended arrangement), you would have to install the contents to both the Runtime and Develop components. It is the install() commands that you would have to modify.

Ah, thats good to know!

What would be the more conventional way to solve this? Add Runtime as a dependency to Develop?

The thing i eant to achieve is being able to deploy test tools with a specific runtime and very strict version requirements (e.g. : Runtime 1.0.1 needs Develop 1.0.1).

This is the typical pattern (Debian and Fedora).

The development packages tend to require the exact build too (so 1.0.1-4 in Fedora, not just version number).