Gracefully create symbolic link for static libs like for shared libs

As we know, only for Shared Libs, a symbolic link is created automatically, not for Static Libs.
For example:
If we have a target, we will get a symbolic link and that is pointing to the real target

Now I want to do the same for my static lib.
At first, I defined my lib like this:

add_library( target_static STATIC LogToFile.cpp )
set_target_properties( target_static PROPERTIES
	PUBLIC_HEADER        LeonLog.hpp
	SUFFIX               ".a.${PROJECT_VERSION}"
#[[  Here I want keep the property "PREFIX" in default value('lib'), so I removed this line:
        PREFIX    "lib"

install( TARGETS target_static

And then, I’m trying to add a symbolic link by means of running a shell command when installing.
Like this:

get_target_property( MY_NAME target_static ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_NAME_RELEASE )
message( STATUS "MY_NAME:\"${MY_NAME}\"" )
install( CODE "execute_process(

But I can NOT get the value of PROPERTY “ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_NAME_RELEASE”, I got a empty string.
I have also tried many other properties, but all failed.
like this:

get_target_property( MY_NAME target_static LIBRARY_OUTPUT_NAME_RELEASE )
get_property( MY_NAME TARGET target_static PROPERTY OUTPUT_NAME )
message( STATUS "OUTPUT_NAME:\"${MY_NAME}\"" )

Finally, I have to compose it by myself, like this:

get_target_property( MY_NAME target_static OUTPUT_NAME_RELEASE )
# compose it with adding a prefix, but it's hard coding!
set( MY_NAME "lib${MY_NAME}.a" )
message( STATUS "MY_NAME:\"${MY_NAME}\"" )
install( CODE "execute_process(

But I think it is ugly, and not the correct way.

Is there an “Official” way to do this?
Sorry for my English!

I’m going to start here…why? There’s no purpose to SONAME or SOVERSION filenames for static libraries as they have no runtime existence.

For example:
I’m developing the new version of my project(let’s call it Octopus-2.0), meanwhile I have to maintain/bugfix the producing version of the same project(Octopus-1.0).

The project Octopus depends on another project LeonLog that has two versions too, and Octopus-2.0 should be linked against the static libs of LeonLog-5.0, and Octopus-1.0 should keep to use LeonLog-3.0 still.

Hence I keep multiple versions of LeonLog’s static libs existing at /usr/local/lib, and need to frequently switch between those two.
Like this:

leon@galvatron:~$ ls /usr/local/lib
lrwxrwxrwx 1 leon leon   18 2024-03-24 23:29 libLeonLog.a -> libLeonLog.a.5.0.5
-rw-r--r-- 1 leon leon 207K 2023-11-03 15:23 libLeonLog.a.3.7.2
-rw-r--r-- 1 leon leon 214K 2024-03-24 23:29 libLeonLog.a.5.0.5

Is there any better method?

Put the version number in the library name itself.

set_property(TARGET ${tgt}
    OUTPUT_NAME "${tgt}-${major_version}")