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I am using command line for cmake -G “Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles” to generate makefiles (from CMake tree) to be imported into Eclipse environment, but it looks like your Cmake Generator has a bug because it gives error “CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM not set”.

How do I get rid of this bug? See the attached image.



Cmake Eclipse Command Line Errors 0.jpeg

“Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles” is one of many CMake generators that wrap the “Unix Makefiles” generator with an “extra” generator (“Eclipse CDT4” in this case).

Please make sure that you can use the “Unix Makefiles” generator first. It needs make to be installed and able to run.


Thanks for those hints. I will try it next, and let you know what I find.



I have made some more tests, but I cannot solve this problem. Still have the gcc error with my simple main.c program. Maybe something is wrong in Environment Variables - don’t know.

I have zipped all the latest files for you to download from here: (1.2 MB) => [](

If you have any more ideas how to fix the gcc.exe broken error, please let me know.


I can see two main issues.

First issue: the script gen.bat contains some unbalanced quoting.

It contains:


which is equivalent to


This makes cmake try to run g++.exe -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=gcc.exe, which fails (see TestCode/cmake/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log).

Second issue: make is maybe not installed.

What exactly is installed in C:\MinGW?

The picture “CMake TestCode Setup.jpg” shows that both gcc and g++ are in the PATH, but this doesn’t guarantee that make is installed and can be run. You can use where cmake to check whether make can be found.

If all of make, gcc and g++ are in the PATH, there is no need to pass any -DCMAKE_* argument on the command line. cmake will find them.

Hi Alain:

Thanks for your clues. I have been working through some things.

I have cleaned up the Gen.bat file, and cleaned up some Path issues. Here is the link to download the ZIP file: (111.2 MB) => [](

Now, you can see my “CMake_Errors_Where_FInds.jpg" image to see where the EXE files are found

Also, from root directory I can run each of cmake, gcc, g++, and make, but the last one shows no console output. I also tried “make /?” but got no console output, just immediate return to C: > prompt. I don’t think this looks good. Do you have any idea why there is no console output from any “make” command? Other bad commands such as foo, reply with " ‘foo’ is not recognized as an internal or external command"

You asked what is in C:\MinGW directory, so I zipped it up for you. I comes from a fresh install a few days ago.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


AFAIK, there is no make.exe that comes with CMake, so C:\Program File\CMake\bin\make.exe should not exist. That would explain why this make.exe seems to be broken.

It seems that you used mingw-get to install what is in C:\MinGW. Based on the contents of C:\MinGW\var\cache\mingw-get\packages\, you didn’t install the package for make. Once that package installed, you should have C:\MinGW\bin\make.exe, and you can do make.exe --help to verify that it can run.

Hi Alain:

Thanks for your hints. Here is a quick status update:

I removed make.exe per your first observation, which was correct.

I checked my MinGW installation, and the make.exe was missing, so I fixed that so that make.exe was now accessible.

I tested this MinGW (small 71K) make.exe and still get no response on dialog box.

I found another make file called MinGW-make.exe (251K size) and that program does give terminal response.

It looks like the smaller make.exe does not have the results.

I temporarliy renamed small make.exe to something else, and made a copy of large MinGW-make.exe, then renamed as make.exe

This larger make.exe respsonds correctly, but I still have the same failure when gcc.exe does not compile test file.

I download GNU tools and tried that makefile, with no improvement.

Do you think the gcc.exe that came with MinGW might have been minimalized too much and thus gives the error?

Tomorrow, I think I need to find another gcc.exe program, perhaps from the GNU tools.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Hi Alain:

I found and fixed the problem with this gcc.exe — broken error

First, I fixed all the path issues, and confirmed that MinGW files for gcc.exe, g++.exe, and make.exe were all okay and available via PATH.

Then by using a simple main.c file for testing, and using cmake -G “Unix Makefiles” to test the operation, I found that the cmake tries to run make.exe directly from:

C:\Program Files\Cmake folder

and since there was no make.exe in that particular folder, I copied the MinGW\bin\ make.exe file into that CMake sub-folder, makng a duplicate that is not found by the PATH. After putting a copy of make.exe into that particular CMake sub-fodler, then the Generate command worked.

So the gcc.exe —broken error was not specific enough to find the real issue, but I found the real cause.

Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.


Hi Alain:

Thanks for your previous help with these matters.

I have made some progress, but now I have another problem to solve.

I have partial success in generating Unix Makefiles from CMakeLists.txt by using CMake, but a couple of folders were “exported as global variables” but I have no clue where to find those exports. I cannot see any reference to those global variables in the “makefile" that was generated. The compile fails when it cannot find those INC folders.

Can you help me with this?

Original CMakeLists.txt statements (file attached), that seem to get lost in the Generation process from cmake -G command:

259 include_directories(${MACRO_UTILS_INC_FOLDER})

260 include_directories(${UMOCK_C_INC_FOLDER})

I don’t know how or where the Generated “makefile” gets these two directory links, because I am unable to find either of these “folders” in the makefile, and how to use them.

I did find an interesting comment in the attached file, as follows:

“The project will export a global variable MACRO_UTILS_INC_FOLDER that points to the folder needed to be included so that #include "azure_macro_utils/macro_utils.h" resolves properly.”

… but does not say in which location this global variable may be found, nor how to include it into the “makefile” process.

Where are these so-called “global variables” recorded, and how do I get the Generated “makefile” to access these missing folders?

Sorry, but I am totally confused by this situation.

Any clues you can give will be helpful,

Garry. (1.45 KB)

CMakeLists.txt (17.1 KB)