Generating linker command line arguments to a file

I need to run a non-cmake sub-build (setuptools based in this case) in a cmake project and pass the linker and compiler command lines to that sub-build. My current implementation writes the command line arguments to a file using lots of generator expressions; the sub-build reads this file in. It is at katana/KatanaPythonSetupSubdirectory.cmake at 4f418f0aeab539c05fd296f3b28c5b7616dc747f · KatanaGraph/katana · GitHub. However, it fails when the new(-ish) cmake because the HOST_LINK generator expression is used and my code doesn’t handle the LINKER: and SHELL: magic supported by linker options. I encountered both because cmake 3.20 seems to use those features in FindMPI.cmake and generates them internally, so if the project imports MPI on a machine with CUDA my cmake generation failes with an error: $<HOST_LINK:...> may only be used with binary targets to specify link options.


  • How do I generate a file in a context that correctly handles $<HOST_LINK:...>? I have tried using the TARGET option with a dummy executable target with file(GENERATE...) but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. (probably because the generator expressions are not processed in the special “linker option” context.)
  • Is there a generator expression or other technique that will decode the LINKER: and SHELL: magic, so I don’t have to do it on the python side?

The LINKER: and SHELL: expansions depend on the shell (e.g., cmd vs sh) and the linker wrapper used (e.g., icc vs gcc). Without knowing what is used, they’ll have to be decoded manually. I don’t know if there’s a way around the $<HOST_LINK> thing either.

For ParaView, this tool is used to extract the link and compilation flags needed to consume ParaView by generating a project that does what is wanted then diffing the command lines with and without the ParaView targets of interest. Something like this is probably the most robust way because CMake generates the flags as it would then they are extracted out regardless of how they end up getting generated.

Thanks for the information. I’m bummed there is no ability to extract this information cleanly.

Making an interface for it is probably very hard to pin down. The caller needs to provide the desired shell and linker context in which the flag is to be used. Right now, the only way to do that is have CMake generate a project and then interrogate the build system what commands it has. compile_commands.json might work for compile command extraction, but that spec doesn’t have space for linking commands.

A link_commands.json file would solve my problem. I could create a dummy target that doesn’t actually get built at the CMake level (EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL), but is configured with all the correct dependencies and options. Then I could grab the options from compile_commands.json and link_commands.json based on the dummy source file and taget/output file names.

That said, my ideal would be a set of generator expressions (which expand to cmake lists, to avoid space safety issues, which appear to be a minor problem with compile_commands.json):

  • $<TARGET_COMPILER_COMMAND:target,source_file>: the compiler command with no options, e.g., gcc or ccache;gcc
  • $<TARGET_COMPILER_OPTIONS:target,source_file>: the command-line arguments to the compiler, including -D, -o, and input file names.
  • $<TARGET_LINKER_COMMAND:target>: the linker command with no options, e.g., gcc or gcc;-shared.
  • $<TARGET_LINKER_OPTIONS:target>: the command line arguments to the linker.

I would love to split the _OPTIONS expressions into FLAGS, INPUTS, and OUTPUTS, but I suspect that may not be possible in all cases since flags and inputs/outputs may need to be interspersed because argument order matters.

EDIT: My assumption is that the context you mention (shell and linker) can be extracted from the main generator in use and the target specified in the generator expressions. This information must be available at generation time. Clearly it’s not possible to compute this stuff at main script execution time in the cmake architecture.

Please file an issue with these new proposed genexes.

A link_commands.json has been requested before, but we’re just following Clang’s specification. Rather than making something up from scratch (at least that isn’t CMake-specific such as CMakePresets.json), I’d like to see other stakeholders’ input (interested IDE developers, other build systems/tools) on any format updates/changes for such things.

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The issue has been filed here.