Generating a MY_APP.vcxproj.user file

I’m trying to use CMake to configure some parameters for the Visual Studio debugger to make it easier to start a debug session. I have the following code in a file that is included in the top CMakeLists.txt file. The included file is located in a subdirectory of the folder containing the top CMakeLists.txt file.

set_target_properties(MY_APP PROPERTIES
    VS_DEBUGGER_COMMAND "$(TargetPath)"
    VS_DEBUGGER_COMMAND_ARGUMENTS "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/test_vectors/input/input.pcm output.pcm"

I am using CMake version 3.23.1 and the Visual Studio 15 2017 generator. I have searched through numerous posts, the online documentation and books. My understanding is that by setting these properties, a MY_APP.vcxproj.user file will be created in the binary directory with those properties configured. However, no MY_APP.vcxproj.user file is created. Is this supposed to work that way? If so, what am I missing?


I don’t think it ends up in the .user file but instead the main MY_APP.vcxproj file. Do your settings show up there?