Forcing build for circular dependent dynamic libraries


I have a circular dependency problem within libraries in a huge project. We are compiling for Linux so circular dependencies in dynamic libraries are not an issue. Is there a way to force cmake to ignore this circular dependency and build it anyway ?

I know the ideal solution would be to eliminate this dependency, but it is not feasible at the time.


CMake Error: The inter-target dependency graph contains the following strongly connected component (cycle):
  "libA" of type SHARED_LIBRARY
    depends on "libB" (weak)
  "libB" of type SHARED_LIBRARY
    depends on "libA" (weak)
At least one of these targets is not a STATIC_LIBRARY.  Cyclic dependencies are allowed only among static libraries.

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Not with shared libraries, no. Each needs the other to link (and CMake doesn’t model things like --unresolved-symbols=ignore-in-shared-libs to be able to represent such an allowance).