FindPython3: how to change the location of python

I am using find_package(Python3 COMPONENTS Interpreter Development) to find python, and it can successfully find my conda python.

However, I can not change the location of python. CMake find my conda/envA, but I want to use conda/envB, how can I change the location?

You must activate the environment you want to use by executing command conda activate envB.

But, how can CMake find conda/envB?

When you activate your conda environment, environment variable PATH is updated accordingly.

Of course, you have to launch a new CMake generation from a clean environment (i.e. no CMakeCache.txt file in the build directory).

I think it may work for linux?

But, I am working in win10. Even I activate my conda environment in a cmd, the CMake-gui can not find it after I clear all files in build.

It should work on Windows.

But, if you want to edit interactively Python3 artifacts, you have to specify Python3_ARTIFACTS_INTERACTIVE with ON value (on the command line or in your CMakeLists.txt), see Python3 documentation, Artifacts Specification.

But anyway, why do you want to edit the artifacts? Specifying current python through conda activate should be enough.

You would have to launch cmake-gui from that cmd shell with the conda environment activated for that to work.

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Hi! I’m new here, but I’ve been using this for quite a while. You can use -DPython3_EXECUTABLE={your_python_interpreter_path} when configuring.