FindPython on manylinux(2014)


Did anyone successfully use the FindPython module on manylinux?

I tried -DPython_ROOT_DIR and -DPython_EXECUTABLE to set to /opt/python/cp39-cp39/bin/python or the respective folder.

If I print the found python Version it says 2.7.

-- Could NOT find Python (missing: Interpreter Development Development.Module Development.Embed) (found version "2.7")

And Python_add_library does not exist although I am using CMake 3.23. Is the existence depending on the found Python version/components?


Python_add_library is defined only if usable (i.e. at least, one of Development components if found).

What is your CMake version? Can-you provide an example showing the problem?

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. That makes sense. I think I found the problem! On manylinux you have to reduce to Development.Module.

I just hoped for a more intuitive error message. Especially since the Interpreter was definitely found.
And it just ignored the specified executable and went searching for something else.