FindOpenSSL.cmake does not search lib64 directory

find_package(OpenSSL) does not search <OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR>/lib64 for the OpenSSL libs. Is there a reason for that?

OpenSSL 3 in Ubuntu 16 LTS has default lib directory name lib64.

I know of two ways to get around this.

The first is set PKG_CONFIG_PATH like PKG_CONFIG_PATH=<OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR>/lib64/pkgconfig cmake ...

The second is build OpenSSL with --libdir=lib.

Ref: cmake build failed · Issue #12316 · curl/curl · GitHub

It appears this issue was fixed in CMake 3.23.0. The Kitware apt repo for Ubuntu 16 LTS is no longer updated and the latest version it offers is CMake 3.20.5.