Find `omp-tools.h` with FindOpenMP

I use the OpenMP tools interface for my project and therefore need to header omp-tools.h. Is there any way to find the include directory which this file using FindOpenMP? If not, would such a feature be possible and sensible?

A component for this seems sensible to me. Feel free to submit an MR or file an issue (an issue is good even if you end up working on it just for tracking/search purposes).

I did some more experimentation and realized that at least for Clang (i.e., CMAKE_C_COMPILER=clang) the compiler automatically finds omp-tools.h as it is located in the include directory of the compiler installation.

So, supporting something like find_package(OpenMP 5.0 REQUIRED COMPONENTS ompt) would be useful, right? Is this what you meant by “component for this”?


Gitlab issue for this: