Find non-terminated tests with ctest -j

Sometimes some test under ctest does not (or not timely) terminate. When running with -j and a high number of tasks it is very hard to figure out which test has not ended yet. On Linux we have a decent ps or pstree, but on e.g., Windows it seems rather hard to find the test processes and how they are called and thus it is hard to find the stalled test.

Would it be possible to print the tests it cancels when you stop ctest using Control-C? I.e. something like this:

> ctest -j 16
Interrupted tests:
   mytest1 (running for 530 sec)
   mytest7 (running for 10 sec)

I suggest to use Sysinternals Process Explorer. On command line their pslist may help.

Thanks. At least that helps. I’m not much of a Windows developer :slight_smile:

Still, I think feedback from ctest is not hard to implement and will simplify this problem for everybody.

I think this could be a nice use case as well. Does this involve how libuv is used (?) to manage the parallel test runs?

Cc: @kyle.edwards