find_library but can't link framework

when i use find_library(A NAMES a PATHS /path/to/a.framework) to find a framework A and message(status ${A}) show its full path, then I do target_link_libraries(program ${A}) Xcode shows an framework not found a, do somebody know that?

Looking at FindOpenCL, it looks like you should be able to just use the found path. Could you post the actual command line and error message that you’re getting?

thanks for your reply. what i did is two things,one is use find_library to get the frameworks fullpath. the another is use target_link_linbraries(target ${found_var}), because the document says when link to a full path of a framework cmake will auto add a -F and a -framework to target’s link flags. i checked the build setting and found this two flags but when I build the target I get an error of framework not found. then I use the -framework ${found_var}/name and Xcode link currect.
maybe the way like foundopencl works, I will try later, but I think what I did should work, or I got the wrong point