file(GENERATE ...) and Visual Studio 16 2019 generator

I’m using file(GENERATE …) to test the espansion of generator expressions

I get a list of libraries in MyTargetLibraries with

get_target_property(MyTargetLibraries mytarget LINK_LIBRARIES)

Then I loop on library list with a foreach, and the list is full as I expected.

But when I run

file(GENERATE OUTPUT C:/temp/debug_generator.txt CONTENT MyTargetLibraries)

the file debug_generator.txt is not created in C:/Temp

My question is: file(GENERATE …) works with Visual Studio 16 2019 generator?

Best regards,

It does. A lack of error is interesting as I’d expect there to be an error there as you have N configurations all writing to the same file. Of course, if they are the same content, then there’s no problem (or error), but then there’d be the file. Does it start working if you add $<CONFIG> to the path somehow?

Oh well. I misunderstood the use of the function.
All works. Thanks