Failure to install(EXPORT due to linked target already exported with another export set

I am getting error with cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.17).

CMake Error: install(EXPORT "mypSubroj2Targets" ...) includes target "mypSubroj2shared" which requires target "mylogger" that is not in this export set, but in multiple other export sets: lib/cmake/myOtherTargets.cmake, lib/cmake/myOtherTargets.cmake.

I do indeed already included mylogger target into install(EXPORT … EXPORT myOtherTargets …) list of targets, while it has been already included into mypSubroj2Targets mypSubroj2sharedso since mypSubroj2shared depends on it. So could you please advise what is the proper way to install(TARGETS, … ) , install(EXPORT…) targets in different sub-projects of the top project which have the same dependency .
The error message also said:

An exported target cannot depend upon another target which is exported multiple times

It is very typical in a projects which builds multiple applications with the same dependents like logging or socket ,etc. library and they are built in subprojects at the same cmake subdirectory level. So how should export be handled?
I wish cmake have option to enable detection of duplicate export and ignore the dup.
I suppose I could make the export set name to be the same for all subprojects but I did not see corresponding limitation in the documentation

Given that the two files listed are the same, do you have two install(EXPORT myOtherTargets) lines in your project?