ExternalProject_Add + file api

I am working with a multi-repo system, basically everything is added via ExternalProject_Add. My build system is Linux (with cmake v 3.20.2), I have a remote connection from a windows machine.

The issue I am having is I want to use Visual Studio which I can connect and build my project(s) just fine. The issue I am getting is the it uses the file API (cmake-file-api) to figure out what it can and cannot debug. All of the targets it sees in the relevant .json files under reply folder it marks as “type” : “UTILITY”, which basically VS ignores for the most part.

Is there a way I can setup my project so it will mark specific I items I have added via ExternalProject_Add, such that I will create a EXECUTABLE entry for items that are in the relevant “external project”.

Not currently. There is a more detailed discussion of this topic in the CMake issue tracker here: