ExternalData - how to integrate with SVN

We’re looking at the ExternalData module to help separate code from binary data in our Subversion repository, similar to how this is done in the VTK and ParaView codebases.

In those git-based repositories, the developer is aided with CMake to create the content links and client-side commit commands (gitlab-push) to upload the binary data to the data server, see this explanation.

In Subversion there are no client-side commit hooks, and we are for the foreseeable future bound to use Subversion.

Do you have any tips on how to automatically upload new and modified data when the developer issues an svn commmit command that contains one or more content-linked hash files?


Without client-side commit hooks, it sounds like a job for some custom command and/or custom target. Note that in our deployment, we also ship the data over git in hidden refs, so some other transport mechanism would be required for svn usage.