export reproducible content from ccmake while in use

How to export manually modified configurations in am more compact format than CMakeCache.txt?
or is there an easy way to go from ccmake configuration to a command line version that generates the same configuration?

I typically use ccmake in an iterative manner (brain can only hold so much at a time) and often use non-standard locations for installations during development. e.g. where the hdf5 library comes from, or where the nvcc binary is. Maybe there is just a better way to handle the environment but I generally try to keep things as siloed or encapsulated as possible (otherwise I don’t understand when it doesn’t work, and feels like magic)

I work up from this in ccmake putting in the paths to the different libraries etc, ideally I would like to be able to share that configuration for debug purposes without sending the whole CMakeCache.txt file. is there an approach that works for others to generate the minimal configuration that can be shared to get help with debugging?

This issue is what you’re looking for. There’s no way to do it today, sorry.

Instead of adding settings manually, you could try using presets and add them to the preset instead. Then reapply the preset after editing and when you finally get things working, the preset describes the final set of options needed.

Down side is that ccmake doesn’t support presets, only cmake and cmake-gui do.