Error while installing bootstrap


Beginner here, trying ot install CARLA built from source.

I have some issue installing Bootstrap, it ends up with an error :

/c/Users/Colibus/Documents/CARLA_SW_REQ/cmake-3.27.7/Bootstrap.cmk/cmsys/Configure.h:42:23: error: conflicting types for ‘cmsysProcess_SetPipeNative’; have ‘void(cmsysProcess , int, void * const)’ {aka ‘void(struct cmsysProcess_s , int, void * const)’}
42 | # define kwsys_ns(x) cmsys##x

I look up in the cmake_bootstrap and found that :

/c/Users/Colibus/Documents/CARLA_SW_REQ/cmake-3.27.7/Source/kwsys/kwsysPlatformTestsCXX.cxx: In function ‘int main()’:
/c/Users/Colibus/Documents/CARLA_SW_REQ/cmake-3.27.7/Source/kwsys/kwsysPlatformTestsCXX.cxx:53:13: error: ‘environ’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘union’?
53 | char* e = environ[0];
| ^~~~~~~
| union
Test failed to compile

I don’t know what is wrong and some help would be welcome.

Thenks a lot !

This looks like MinGW of some kind. Why are you bootstrapping CMake instead of using MSYS packages?

That’s what is recommended when building CARLA from source. As it is a minor requierement, I may skip it but I know it might be problem later on

That is…strange. I’d try with the MSYS CMake package. If problems come up, figuring out the behavioral difference between a custom build and the package would be of interest. I don’t think there should be one.