Error and Output logs missing with v3.29.5

Hi, noticed after upgrading from v3.25.1 to v3.29.5 that neither CMakeOutput.log or CMakeError.log are being created.

Am on Mac Ventura (13.6), installing to /usr/local

Doing out of source builds with a folder for each app, a numbered folder indicating the version, and a build.cmake folder where everything gets made.

Was on v3.25.1 but (belatedly, if it ain’t broke don’t tend to fix it) noticed v3.29.5 was out so got that and compiled it.

After doing so, CMakeError.log and CMakeOutput.log were not created for the app I was trying to compile (latest MariaDB).

Used both configure and the existing CMake v3.25.1, same result.

Went back to v3.25.1 and CMakeOutput.log and CMakeError.log were again created during compilation.

Used the same build options for compiling both versions of CMake.

Have looked at the docs and intertubes and not found anything about CMakeOutput.log or CMakeError.log not being created anymore.

Grepping the build folder produced nothing usable.

Any insight on how to get output and error logs with v3.29.5 would be most appreciated.


Starting with CMake 3.26, CMake writes a file called CMakeFiles/CMakeConfigureLog.yaml instead. The 3.26 release notes did have an entry for this, but they didn’t mention specifically that CMakeOutput.log and CMakeError.log are no longer created.

There’s also a separate manual describing the new configure log:

Thanks, had noticed that file, but didn’t track to it being new or a replacement for Output / Error.