empty output on build command

platform: Win10
cmake: 3.17
compiler: msvc2019
generator : NMake Makefiles - CodeBlocks

sources: simple main.c with printf Hello World (no third-pathy libraries)
I inserted one simple typo to make the source wrong - removed ‘;’ from printf()

generating step is okay, no issues
if I enter to build subfolder and type “nmake” , all fine - I see compilation log and error message
however if I use something like : "cmake --build . "
then no any messages , it hangs for a seconds for a usual build process but after that I see nothing.

any idea why it happens and how to fix .

let me know pls if more details required.

thanks a lot

Can you provide a tiny project on github?

I don’t think this is enough information to investigate.


thank you for the response,
previously I’ve posted the same question on stackoverflow here
with the sources.

unfortunately I suppose it can’t help because this is a pure sample HelloWorld generated by IDE and successfully compiled on any other Windows host which I have.

I’m continuing the investigation and found odd thing :
cmake build command pops up one more real/native build console with nmake and verbose output.
I’ve added verbose flag to cmake , without that it works quick so that was a reason why I didn’t see this previously. and why my IDE (clion) could read nothing from the output.

I suppose this is some system setting - to forcely start console apps in child console…
I’ll dig into this way