Empty DMG File

I’m trying to create a DMG file using the CPack DragNDrop generator, however, for some reason, the final DMG that CMake creates does not include my .app file. I think this is because I’m not actually creating a Bundle using the MACOSX_BUNDLE and instead prepare my .app myself. This is because I have a few strange frameworks that I need to deal with them slightly differently.

The .app bundle that I create works, and it’s been deployed as well, and it is usually sitting somewhere in build/Install/*.app, but when I run the cpack .. I can see that an empty DMG is being created only with a symlink to the Application folder.

I’m wondering if there is a way to tell CMake to use my .app when creating the DMG?

Do you have an install rule for the .app? If so, can you share it? Can you also show the install log CPack gets?