ds store

How can I open the ds_store and edit it ?
I try to open it with text edit but it show the " Budi @@A E…"

By the way, I am using https://cmake.org/cmake/help/v3.0/module/CPackDMG.html#variable:CPACK_DMG_DS_STORE

These things are a real pain. The only reliable way (AFAIK) to edit them is to have Finder write it by scripting Finder through AppleScript to change the settings for the folder. CMake’s does this by using this script.

How to use this script with camke?
Do you have the sample?

Search the CMake repository for the references to that file. I am also in the “just copy paste what has worked before” camp when it comes to AppleScript, so anything I know is discoverable from that at least.

It is a useful advance.