Downloads page is not helping me

I have centos on my machine (not my machine - supplied by work).
I need to upgrade cmake.
I downloaded the .sh and then tried the tar.
According to the notes I can follow the instructions in README.rst but its not there
The tar is apparently a copy of the install tree, so I tried moving it to where the old cmake was… doing which cmake tells me there isnt one (there was - I did save the old so can probably get it back again).
I am pretty experienced and just need a tool to do a job, to be honest I dont even want to bother to make it but if I have to then I have to (to me this is like expecting your car mechanic to make the spanners he needs).

What would be nice is instructions on how to get these tars in the right place for them to function.

BTW I am now following instructions from How To Install CMake On CentOS 8 | AmiJani KnowledgeBase
This appears so far to be working, files like bootstrap are present, I am hopeful the make and sudo make install will work. Indeed there is even a README.rst in this zip with the instructions written out. What happened in the later versions to make this all go away?

Hi. Could you please provide actual error messages and more detail? It’s hard to suggest what to do because I don’t know what “trying” the .sh and .tar releases mean. These are precompiled install trees for use once unpacked. The README.rst is about the source distributions. What error message did you see when you “moved it to where the old cmake was”? Did you move everything or just bin/cmake?

You just need to extract the release binary tarball and you can run it from anywhere (as long as the install prefix stays together).

OK, it seems that the instructions didnt make it clear that the contents of the bin directory in the zip go into usr/bin, probably stupidly I was thinking the whole tree went into usr/bin and then there would be something to set the path correctly. It even seems obvious in hind sight after taking an earlier version and building & installing that, but it wasnt clear from the instructions for the later versions.