Downloadable components with latest NSIS release not working

Anyone currently using the latest NSIS release and have downloadable components working? I’m finding that the ZipDLL plugin seems to be failing during an actual install (I can get it to at least build the installer), but no information available as to why the installer is failing to unzip the downloaded component. It looks to be language-related from the limited info I can glean, but I’m shooting in the dark at this point.

Getting the (pretty questionable) ZipDLL plugin installed and set up correctly is probably part of my problem, but I don’t believe I’ve ever had this working successfully. I’d be interested in chatting with anyone who actually has it working. I don’t know if we have something missing in our CPack NSIS support or whether it is a problem outside of CPack.

I think bisecting NSIS is likely to be the most fruitful route here. Not that I have time to do it myself.