DNeg's XStudio on windows with CMake

Hello everyone,

i am trying to install DNeg’s XStudio on windows with CMake, but i am finding many difficulties.
Every time I do the CMake setup it tells me that a new package is missing.

the first one was “nlohmann_json”
(solved by downloading the package from GitHub and placed in the folder

the second one “pybind11”
(solved by downloading the package via Python and placed in the folder

now it is “cafConfig.cmake” which i can’t figure out where to find it.

I wanted to know if there was a single guide on how to implement XStudio, because online I can’t find a comprehensive guide on the various procedures to follow.

the only generic guide is on

but it is missing all the contingencies that I am finding.

Thanks i in advance


Might I suggest using vcpkg or Conan to find dependencies on Windows? I see a vcpkg port at least. I can’t help much with using these myself; others here might be able to help, but their docs would be one place to start.