Disable disector in wireshark

Hi All,

I am a newbie to cmake, please help me on the below queries.

I have cross-compiled Wireshark 3.2.4 to generate the tsahrk binary and able to run it on the embedded platform.
The issue is “libwireshark.so.13” size is 210Mb, after stripping it is 88Mb, but still, I would like to strip it further by disabling the unnecessary protocols.

Please, let me know how can I disable the unnecessary protocols while building the source code. looks like there are 1000+ protocols support get added by default.

Thanks in advance!.

cmake_gui provides a GUI for enable / disable optional features.

Thank you so much reply.

camke_gui says, command not found.

bash: cmake_gui: command not found…

I am sorry it is cmake-gui

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i could able to run, but I do not see the protocol list. please help.

This is more a Wireshark question than CMake-specific question. I’d ask Wireshark developers to expose an option to turn it off (it may well not be exposed).

Another possibility is that it is behind an “Advanced” flag. There is a checkbox in the GUI to show those options.